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The Veterinary Pharmacy provides services to all areas of the Veterinary Hospitals and is a member of the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists.


  • Provide pharmacy service to UF Veterinary Hospitals patients.
  • Focus on patient care, student and clinician education.
  • Serve as valued members of the Patient Care Team.
  • Provide clinical, dispensing and compounding services.


  • Dispensing prescriptions for inpatients and outpatients of both the Large and Small Animal Hospitals
  • Clinical pharmacy consulting for hospital patients.
  • Provide clinicians with assistance in medication therapy management.
  • Drug information consults for faculty, staff, residents, interns, students and community practitioners.
  • Compounding, sterile and non-sterile preparations. A variety of flavors available to suit patient needs. Sterile preparations include parenteral nutrition, ophthalmic preparations and other injectables.
  • Regulatory resource for faculty and staff of the College of Veterinary Medicine and the UF Veterinary Hospitals
  • Support the education mission of the college by providing daily clinical pharmacy instruction for veterinary students, interns and residents.